Summer has finally arrived and our beach bags are almost packed! Our beach body is ready, and we have finally found the perfect swimsuit. There's just one last thing on our to-do list, and that is to pack our favorite snacks. There are quite a few popular snacks that we like to chomp down on when the sun calls us outside, but many of those are actually not the wisest choices health-wise. This article will give you a couple alternatives that can help you balance summer fun with a healthy diet, and make you feel both happy and energized throughout the day!    



No summer-snack list can go without mentioning this, possibly the most popular, summer delight. This dairy and sweet delicacy sure makes our mouth water, but in this crazy hot weather, maybe it's good to look for healthier alternatives. So instead of choosing buttery caramel ice-cream this year, try making your own fruit popsicles. You can choose any fruit of your liking – for example, you can blend bananas and blueberries, freeze this smoothie in pop molds, and bring these fun popsicles with you to the beach.



Since summer brings us so many different kinds of fruits, it's the perfect season to experiment with them. Local and in-season fruits are the best solution to the problems that can occur due to you being outdoors more often – such as dehydration and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You have plenty options – you can bring fresh, cool fruits with you to the beach (grapes and peaches are our personal favorites), you can make fruit kebabs with mixed fruit (e.g. pineapple, watermelon, strawberries) that you will dip in your own homemade fruit dip made of lemon, honey, and Greek yogurt, but you can also make fruit pies – just don't overdo the sugar!



Remember that feeling when you come home absolutely exhausted after a long day at the beach? Well, sun might not be the only culprit. If you don't like bringing too much food (which, let's be honest, can get pretty gross in the heat), you can make granola bars at home, which will make a hearty snack for a long day out. Use ingredients such as sunflower seeds, peanut butter, almonds or hazelnuts and oats to make these rich goodies that will keep you going all day.



Sometimes buying a bag of potato chips and stuffing it in your beach bag can seem like a great (and easiest) snack option for a day at the beach, but since potatoes are a nightshade vegetable, they contain lectins which can irritate your stomach. So instead of being lazy, try experimenting with other varieties of this popular snack. For example, you can try making a batch of kale chips (it will take you only 15 minutes), which you can sprinkle with, say, chipotle pepper to add flavor. You can also bake sweet potato chips, drizzled with grapeseed oil and salt. Options are numerous, and can definitely make your day at the beach more interesting.


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