Going to the beach or pool means spending almost no time in front of the mirror – we don't need heavy makeup or flashy hairstyles while swimming or sunbathing. Still, we want to do something for our looks – at least pull off a quick hairdo. Since we don't want to be stuck in front of our mirror experimenting with a bunch of new hairstyles we've never done before, here are five easy hairdos you can do in no time that will leave you looking chic all day long.  



A bun is a perfect summer hairstyle which will, quickly and effectively, get your hair out of your face and off your bikini. All you need are three minutes of your time and a couple of bobby pins!

So, in order to make a low bun, comb your hair to make a sleek foundation. Separate hair into two equal sections, as if making two ponytails. Knot these two sections together, like shoelaces. Repeat this two times, so that you have one knot below the other. Twist your ends underneath the knots, then secure them with bobby pins.



If you're going for the elegant, yet summery look for the beach, go for this chic hairstyle you can do in no time.

All you need are a few handfuls of mousse and/or strong hold gel so that your style holds all day – and a comb to slick your hair back! You'll look like a bikini model who just came off the runway.



If you're missing your favorite accessories at the beach – try going with a scarf. It won't get in your way while swimming, plus it can look great if you match it with your bikini.

So, what can you do with it? You'll want to fold your scarf until you create a band of about four inches. Place it on your head so that one side is a bit longer than the other. Finally, add a double knot to the side, and let the ends hang down or make a bow!



If you have a longer hair, you'll definitely want to try this popular hairstyle and make everyone at the beach turn their heads. To create the perfect look, damp your hair a bit and then part it on the side. Start a French braid that will follow your hairline, and work its way down to the ear. Do this on both sides, or just one to create a chic boho look!



If you wake up lazy and feel like you have no energy for fancy hairstyles, that's okay – you can just pull your hair into a ponytail and you're ready for the beach!

But if you want something extra, try this easy, messy twist on the classic ponytail.

So, what you want to do is pull your hair into a low side ponytail (but don't make it too tight). Make a pocket above the elastic by spreading the hair in the middle. Pull the ponytail through this hole. Grab a section of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic, then hide the end under the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin. Pull at your hair a little bit to make it messy around the loop, and go straight to the beach!


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