You're back from your summer vacation and you simply love the way your skin glows? We've been there! We've also wondered how we can keep that beautiful post-summer glow throughout the autumn because it simply goes wonderfully with autumn colors we'll be wearing. So if you want the same, here are 5 tips that can help you maintain that beautiful glow!



How do you even get a tan? You get it when the sun stimulates the production of a pigment called melanin in your skin, and this pigment colors the top layer. This top layer sheds about every two weeks, so in order to make sure your skin cells are at the start of their cycle, use a body scrub (it doesn't have to be expensive!) to remove parched surface cells and prepare your skin for the self-tanning. It's best if you exfoliate on a weekly basis.



Because we don't want our skin to dry out and lose the tan quicker, we want to make sure to moisturize it well. Your regular moisturizer will be just fine, but you can also use the ones with a tan-enhancing ingredient which will stimulate melanin production and more actively help you keep your tan. You can also look up the ones which have special soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera. It's recommended that during your vacation and in the weeks after it, you moisturize at least twice a day.



Just as it's important to moisturize your skin from the outside, it’s important to hydrate it from the inside as well. To make sure your skin cells stay hydrated, keep up your water intake, especially when you’re in the sun and you’re sweating because this is when you’ll lose more water than you would on a normal day. If you let yourself become dehydrated, your skin will feel this too – it will dry out and shed sooner. Make sure to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.



In order to keep your skin moisturized and not let it dry out more than it does naturally, ditch your shower gel for something less damaging. Shower gel will dry out the skin more easily than some other products, so instead, use a shower cream or shower oil. These products will lock the moisture in and lock-down your color. It’s also recommendable that you avoid hot baths, which dehydrate your skin and lead to faster peeling and stick to cool showers.



In order to keep that ‘I’ve been sunbathing at the beach all day’ look even when it starts to slightly fade, use a matte bronzer. But instead of putting it all over your face, just swirl it where the sun would normally hit: the temples, forehead, nose, and cheekbones. Instead of bronzer, you can also layer on a moisturizer or oil that contains shimmer. Just keep in mind: Don’t use too much of any product because instead of looking natural, you might end up looking sticky and fake.


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